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Standing Orders


Standing Order 19-07: Security of and Entry into United States Courthouse and Federal Court Facilities in the District of New Jersey

Standing Order 19-06: Reimbursement of Criminal Justice Act Training Panel Attorneys

Standing Order 19-05: Payment for Interpreter Services Under Criminal Justice Act

Standing Order 19-04: Appointment of Chief Magistrate Judge of The United States Distrcit Court for the Distrcit of New Jersey

Standing Order 19-3 Disclosure of Publicly Available Documents by the United States Probation Office

Standing Order 19-2 First Step Act of 2018, Application of Fair Sentencing Act


Standing Order 18-4 Stay of Civil Matters Involving the United States as a Party

Standing Order 18-3 Order of Appointment

Standing Order 18-2 Social Security Pilot Project


Standing Order  17-2 Authorization for Interpreter Services in CJA Representations

Standing Order  17-1 Standard Conditions of Supervision


Standing Order  16-3  In the Matter of Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds 

Standing Order 16-2 In Re: Motions seeking relief under Johnson

Standing Order 16-1 Docketing of R11 Proceedings in Criminal Cases


Standing Order 15-4 Amendment to FRCP 4(m)

Standing Order 15-3 - Motions for Armed Career Criminal or Career Offender Sentencing Reductions Under 28 U.S.C 2255

Standing Order 15-2 - Criminal Trial Scheduling & Discovery

Standing Order 15-1 Representation of Clients by Pro Bono Counsel in Connection with Petitions for Clemency

2014 and Older

Standing Order 14-5 Representation of Clients in Connection with Petitions for Clemency

Standing Order 12-1 Reference to the Bankruptcy Court Under Title 11

2009 Jury Fee Supplemental Attendance Fee

Standing Order 05-01 Mandatory Electronic Filing

Standing Order 05-02 Multiple, Unrelated Defendants in Matters

2004 Electronic Case Filing Policies and Procedures

2000 Guideline Sentencing

1998 Collateral Forfeiture Schedule Governing Violations Enforced by the Bureau of Land Management

1996 In The Matter of Amendment of Collateral Forfeiture Schedule for Violations within Jurisdiction of the National Park

1995 United States Marshal's Service

1995 Bankruptcy Reform Act

1990 Probation Office Access To Credit Profile Data

1987 Plan Pursuant To Speedy Trial Act

1986 Matter of all Admiralty and Maritime in rem actions in the District of New Jersey

1986 Establishment of the Pretrial Services Agency Under 18 U.S.C 3152(b)