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Judges Sitting by Designation

By way of Order of Designation, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 292(b), the following judges are assigned by designation in certain civil and criminal actions in the District of New Jersey:

Court of International Trade

Court Contact

Telephone Number

Hon. Leo M. Gordon

Nitza Creegan

(973) 645-2578

Eastern District of Pennsylvania



Hon. Harvey Bartle, III

Nicole Spicer

(267) 299-7389

Hon. Paul S. Diamond

Lenora Kashner Wittje

(267) 299-7739

Hon. Elizabeth T. Hey

Lara Karlson

(267) 299-7671

Hon. Richard A. Lloret

Sheila McCurry

(267) 299-7410

Hon. Juan R. Sánchez

Stacy Wertz

(267) 299-7780

Hon. Joshua D. Wolson

Jeneen K. Abed – Civil

Laura Buenzle – Criminal

(267) 299-7321

(267) 299-7329

Hon. John Milton Younge

Dedra Brannan

(267) 299-7360

Middle District of Pennsylvania



Hon. Joseph F. Saporito, Jr.

Mary Schirra

(570) 831-2570

Northern District of Illinois



Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly

Melissa Astell

(312) 435-5350

Southern District of Ohio



Hon. Norah McCann King

Karen McGonigle

(609) 815-2352

United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit



Hon. Stephanos Bibas

Chambers Email

(267) 299-4080