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CM/ECF Information

The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey utilizes the Case Management Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF) for accepting court documents for filing.


Members of the bar should familiarize themselves with the Policy and Procedures governing electronic case filing.  A login and password are required for electronic filing.  Once an attorney is admitted, a login and password can be obtained by completing the ECF Registration Form.


Attorneys who are members in good standing with the District of New Jersey may register to file documents electronically. Attorneys who are not members of the New Jersey bar must associate with local counsels who are registered filing users in ECF. Pro hac vice attorneys may not register as ECF filing users.


To register to file documents electronically with the District of New Jersey via the CM/ECF system, you must take the following steps:

1. Register for a PACER account at the PACER service center (if your office does not already have a PACER account).

2. Familiarize yourself with the E-Filing Policies and Procedures. You need to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the manual when e-filing in the District of New Jersey.

3. Fulfill one of the two options for required training:

Pass the online, open-book, 20-question NJD policies and procedures Quiz: .Flash format after reviewing the online ECF tutorials OR take a live class.

-You are welcome to attend a live class even if you pass the quiz.

-Free CLE credit will be given ONLY for attending a live class. No CLE credit will be given for passing the quiz.

4. Click the email button at the conclusion of the quiz to send us your results, and then, please send your registration form as an attachment via email to

Note: Once we have received your quiz results and the ECF Registration form, we will process your registration within two weeks. You will then receive an e-mail that contains your NJD ECF login and password.

Please note that you will start receiving NEFs once you register, even in your paper cases.


Email questions to