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Transcript Policy

Instructions for Requesting a Transcript

To request a transcript of a proceeding held before a District Judge, you must contact the court reporter directly. Please review the appropriate day's minutes on the case docket via CM/ECF PACER to determine the court reporter present and refer to the Official Court Reporter Directory for contact information. The court reporter may require full payment or a deposit for each transcript order. For court reporters not listed on the directory please send an email to

To request a transcript of a proceeding held before a Magistrate Judge, please review and contact the Courtroom Deputy listed for the Magistrate Judge who held the hearing.

Official Court Reporter Directory

Name Location Phone Email
Francesca DiBella Newark 973-776-3885
Diane DiTizii Newark 973-776-7738
Laurie Engemann Newark 973-776-7714 
Carol Farrell Trenton 856-318-6100
Frank Gable (Retired) 856-889-4761 N/A
Shannan Gagliardi Trenton 609-815-2750
Sara Killian
John Kurz Camden 856-576-7094
Lisa Larsen Newark 973-776-7741
Chuck McGuire (Retired) 215-840-7030 N/A
Megan McKay-Soule Trenton 609-815-2319
Ann Marie Mitchell Camden 856-576-7018
Mary Jo Monteleone Newark 973-645-3833
Rhea Morales Newark 732-895-3403
Melissa Mormile Newark 973-776-7710
Camille Pedano Camden 865-576-7015
Walter Perelli (Retired)
Sharon Ricci Camden 267-249-8780
Joanne Sekella Newark 973-776-7753
Nicole Sesta
Bob Tate (Retired)
Kim Wilson Trenton 609-815-2751
Tammera Witte Newark 973-457-8230

Electronic Transcripts

Transcript Fees

28 U.S.C. 753(f) authorizes district courts to prescribe fees which court reporters may charge and collect for transcripts:

Forms - Counsel/unrepresented parties are directed to use one of the following Transcript Purchase Order forms when filing an appeal with the 3rd Circuit or the Federal Circuit