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Courtroom Technology

The District Court has acquired various audio/visual and automated evidence presentation equipment which is available to the Bar at no cost. Each courthouse in the District is equipped with these devices, which are fairly simple to operate. If support is needed, however, the courtroom deputy will provide assistance.

We encourage the Bar to take advantage of this equipment and we hope its availability eases the presentation of demonstrative evidence. Arrangements to use one or more items can be made with the respective courtroom deputy.

  • Document Camera (Elmo) w/projector
  • Mobile laptop cart w/LCD projector
  • Automatic Projection Screen
  • 52" LCD TV with external VCR/DVD player

For cases involving heavy evidence presentation, the Bar may request the use of the District Court NOMAD. The NOMAD is a mobile evidence presentation station. Having a modular design, the NOMAD can be wheeled into any courtroom, plugged into a power outlet, and pointed in the direction of the screen. With he NOMAD System attorneys can present documents, photos, objects, videos, as well as electronic presentations to bring details to the jurors.

The NOMAD System has the following features:

Crestron Control System : Wireless, bi-directional touch screen control designed for intuitive ease-of-use.
Confidence Monitor : Allows presenter to face audience throughout their presentation.
Document Camera : The document camera can display anything in its native form such as two-or-three-dimensional objects, news articles, designs, overhead slides, etc.
Notebook Connectivity : Tethered cables allow the system to always be ready for a guest's notebook computer.
DVD/VCR Combo Player : Allows for flexibility depending on media format.
Bose Hi-Fidelity Sound System : Provides clear, high-fidelity sound to increase comprehension.
LCD Projector : Displays presentation onto a large projection screen.
One-Wire Cat5/6 Connectivity (analog) : Reduces cost, infrastructure and installation time.
Master Power Control : Configurable with flexibility to define what components stay 'on' or 'off' via master power switch.
Electrical Outlets : Conveniently located next to Notebook computer and auxiliary connections.
Fully Retractable Design : Improves appearance and diminishes space requirements.
Secured Components/Cabling : Improves reliability and ease-of-use.
Witness Annotation Monitor : Annotation allows the witness to touch the screen with his/her finger to draw lines and highlight key information on the displayed image independently or in collaboration with the presenting attorney.
Display Monitors : Depending on the physical layout of the courtroom or the desired configuration, Nomad offers a wide variety of options for displaying the presented images. Individual display monitors can be integrated for the attorney tables, clerk, deputy, court reporter, Jury Box, etc.