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New Appointment Forms

New Employee Appointment Checklist

Application For Federal Judicial Employment

Clerk's Office Internship Schedule Information

Voluntary Race/Gender/Disability Identification Form

 I-9 Fillable (If using Firefox browser please right click and save the pdf, then open the saved file) - Submit two (2) forms of acceptable identification as listed on the I-9 Form.

Direct Deposit Submit a copy of a "VOIDED" check



Non-Resident of NJ Form (ONLY FOR PA RESIDENTS)

Residency Certification Form/Local Earned Income Tax Withholding (ONLY FOR THOSE RESIDING IN PA/PHILADELPHIA)

NY Withholding Allowance Certificate (ONLY FOR RESIDENTS OF NEW YORK STATE AND CITY)

Criminal History Check Form

Emergency Contact Information

Fingerprint Form- Third Circuit Staff and Interns

FAQ's for Newly Hired Employees 

All of the above applicable appointment forms must be reviewed for completeness, accuracy and signatures (Due to COVID-19, AO will be accepting digital signatures until further notice.)  and submit along with the New Appointment Checklist  AND other required documentation such as a valid Driver's License, U.S. Passport and/or Social Security Card.  ALL documents must be submitted as a PDF document.

Incomplete forms and ineligible copies as well as late submissions of these forms may cause a delay in the processing of your appointment paperwork resulting in a possible delay in your first earnings statement.

For new employees of the Clerk's Office, Court Interpreter and Court Reporters:

For new/incoming Law Clerks and Staff Law Clerks of the Prisoner Litigation Office:

For new/incoming Law Clerks and Judicial Staff of the Third Circuit (sitting in NJ):