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New Appointment Forms

New Employee Appointment Checklist

Application For Federal Judicial Employment

Clerk's Office Internship Schedule Information

Voluntary Race/Gender/Disability Identification Form

 I-9 Fillable (If using Firefox browser please right click and save the pdf, then open the saved file) - Submit two (2) forms of acceptable identification as listed on the I-9 Form.

Direct Deposit Submit a copy of a "VOIDED" check



Non-Resident of NJ Form (ONLY FOR PA RESIDENTS)

Residency Certification Form/Local Earned Income Tax Withholding (ONLY FOR THOSE RESIDING IN PA/PHILADELPHIA)

NY Withholding Allowance Certificate (ONLY FOR RESIDENTS OF NEW YORK STATE AND CITY)

Criminal History Check Form

Emergency Contact Information

Fingerprint Form- Third Circuit Staff and Interns

All of the above applicable appointment forms must be reviewed for completeness, accuracy and signatures (No digital signatures accepted)  and submit along with the New Appointment Checklist  AND other required documentation such as a valid Driver's License, U.S. Passport and/or Social Security Card.  ALL documents must be submitted as a PDF document.

Incomplete forms and ineligible copies as well as late submissions of these forms may cause a delay in the processing of your appointment paperwork resulting in a possible delay in your first earnings statement.

For new employees of the Clerk's Office, Court Interpreter and Court Reporters:

For new/incoming Law Clerks and Staff Law Clerks of the Prisoner Litigation Office:

For new/incoming Law Clerks and Judicial Staff of the Third Circuit (sitting in NJ):