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Criminal Debts - Receiving Payments

Restitution Victims

I have received a check and do not know what it's for.

Please contact the Finance Department via email to: or phone (609) 989-0468/0492 for additional information.

This is not the full amount I am supposed to receive. Where is the rest?

The amount of money paid into the account doesn't reflect what can be paid to an individual victim when there is more than one victim. The Court cannot pay more than it has received. When payments are collected, the system distributes payments according to the Court order.

How often are restitution checks sent out?

Restitution checks are paid at least once a month. Cases with sufficient funds will be issued a check, once the $50 minimum threshold is reached.

I haven't received a restitution check in a long time, why not?

There are a few instances that can happen under this category:

  • If the defendant doesn't pay into the account, the Court cannot pay out any funds to the person(s) owed.
  • The Court may not have your current address. Please see "Change of Address" to be sure the Court has your current address.

Can you force or do something so that the defendant would make more payments or pay more money?

If you have questions concerning enforcement of a Judgment of Conviction, please contact the US Attorney's Office Financial Litigation Unit General Number at 973 645-2700.

I have not received a restitution check in a long time, why not? I know a victim that has received a check for restitution but I have not received one, why not? I am owed more restitution than what was given to me on this check, where is the rest?

Funds are distributed pursuant to court order and based on payments received. Monies that are received are receipted into the particular case; when the amount owed reaches the minimum threshold (currently $50) for the victim's account, a check will be generated and processed. As long as sufficient funds are received, restitution checks will be generated. The Finance Department collects and disburses funds. We do not enforce payments on defendants, nor do we have authority over liens on property. For this type of information, please contact the U.S. Attorney's Office at (973) 645-2700 located at 970 Broad St., Room 700, Newark, NJ 07102.

I just received a restitution check and need more information about the check.

If you have received a United States Treasury check from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and are unsure of its purpose, the case number, reference number, name, the Court's phone number will be printed to the right of the date on the check. Contact the Finance Department in the Trenton Clerk's Office. For more detailed information about a particular case, please contact the U.S. Attorney's Office (Financial Litigation Unit) at (973) 645-2700 located at 970 Broad St., Room 700, in Newark, NJ.

Does the Clerk's Office accept credit card payments over the phone?

Yes. Contact the Finance Department at (609) 989-0468/0492.