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           Plaintiff Fact Sheet Instructions: Pursuant to this Court’s Case Management Order No. 7 dated July 1, 2015, each plaintiff shall serve his or her completed Plaintiff Fact Sheet on Defendants’ counsel by Monday, October 19, 2015, or within ninety (90) days following service of each plaintiff’s short form complaint on any Defendant, whichever date is later.


Selected Discovery-Related Rulings

  • Memorandum Opinion and Order Date: 3/13/17 Description: Memorandum Opinion and Order issued by Judge Schneider granting in part and denying part defendants’ discovery application. 
  • Memorandum Opinion and Order  Date: 10/4/16   Description: Memorandum Opinion and Order denying plaintiffs’ Motion to Compel [Doc. No. 886] .
  • ORDER RE: DEPOSITIONS  Date: 6/15/16   Description: The depositions in the attached letter shall be deemed to be Court Ordered and shall not be postponed absent good cause and leave of court.
  • Memorandum Opinion and Order  Date: 4/6/16   Description: Order granting in part and denying in part defendants' Motion to Preclude Woodshedding [Doc. No. 392]. 
  • ORDER  Date: 1/21/2016   Description: Order denying defendant's Motion to Seal [Doc. No. 150]  
  • ORDER  Date: 10/2/2015   Description: Order granting in part and denying in part plaintiff's Motion to Compel [Doc. No.110].