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Standing Orders


Standing Order 16-2 In Re: Motions seeking relief under Johnson

Standing Order 16-1 Docketing of R11 Proceedings in Criminal Cases


Standing Order 15-5 Emergency Amendment to LCR 41.1

Standing Order 15-4 Amendment to FRCP 4(m)

Standing Order 15-3 - Motions for Armed Career Criminal or Career Offender Sentencing Reductions Under 28 U.S.C 2255

Standing Order 15-2 - Criminal Trial Scheduling & Discovery

Standing Order 15-1 Representation of Clients by Pro Bono Counsel in Connection with Petitions for Clemency


Standing Order 14-5 Representation of Clients in Connection with Petitions for Clemency

Standing Order 14-4 Motions for Retroactive Application of November 1, 2014 Amendment to USSG 2D1.1 (Drugs Minue Two Amd)

Standing Order 14-3 In the Matter of Hurricane Sandy Cases

Standing Order 14-2 In the Matter of Hurricane Sandy Cases

Standing Order 14-1 Removal, Prior to Self-Surrender, of GPS Device Imposed as a Condition of Pretrial Release


Standing Order 12-3 Continuance Order Regarding Criminal Matters - Hurricane Emergency

Standing Order 12-2 Hurricane Emergency

Standing Order 12-1 Reference to the Bankruptcy Court Under Title 11


2011 In The Matter of Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds

2010 Standard Conditions of Supervision

2008 Amendment to : Crack Cocaine Offense Level Guidelines

2006 Extending Suspension of Some Requirements of Local Civil Rules 10.1(b); 81.2(b);501.1

2003 Suspension of some Requirements of Local Civil Rule 10.1(b)

2003 Adoption and Implementation of the Model Third Circuit Electronic Device Policy

2002 Multiple, Unrelated Defendants in Matters

2001 Mandatory Electronic Filing

2000 Guideline Sentencing

1984 Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984