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  • I was erroneously charged during efiling. How do I receive a credit?

    A refund of fees paid via shall be made in writing by application and filed electronically with the Clerk of Court. The application must contain the following information: Date of request, Full and Correct Name, Current Address, Reason for refund, Case Number, Date of Transaction, Receipt number or tracking ID number. Office of the Clerk, US District Court, New Jersey, 402 East State Street RM 2020, Trenton, NJ 08608, Attn: FINANCE DEPT. Upon filing, the Clerk's Office will review the application and, if appropriate, issue a Clerk's Order approving refund. The Finance Dept. will issue a refund against the credit card or ACH transaction through More details at

  • I am experiencing issues with viewing/downloading a document from a NEF using Safari.

    While Safari is not supported, to assist with using Safari you must associate the 'pl' file type with Adobe Reader. This can be accomplished via 'Default Apps' a free add-on application for Macs. After installation of the free application it can be found in System Preferences. Open 'Default Apps' and add an entry for 'pl' under the Extensions Tab and pick Adobe Reader as the Default application.

  • I am experiencing issues with viewing/downloading a document from a NEF using Firefox.

    In Firefox, under Applications, change Adobe Docs to 'Always Ask'. There is also a Firefox add-on you may want to check out

  • What browser version works with CM/ECF?

    CM/ECF has been tested and works correctly with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 or Firefox 3.5.

  • I am having trouble with to pay for my efiling. currently only supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and Firefox 3.5. Should you already have IE 7 or 8 installed you can try the following configuration changes. Under Tools select Internet Options, then select Advanced tab: Under "Phishing Filter", select "Disable Phishing Filter", Uncheck "Warn about certificate address mismatch", Uncheck 'Warn if changing between secure and non secure mode'.

  • I have left the government work-force, how do I transfer my ECF registration to a private firm?

    If you have left the government work-force, such as the US Attorney's office, you need to register again.

  • When trying to view a PDF from the browser, I get the error message 'Error reading linearized hint data'.

    Disable the selection "Allow fast web view" in Adobe. Generally found in Edit/Preference/Internet depending on Adobe version.

  • I receive the message during efiling - WARNING: You are not authorized to seal entry/document for any of the parties you selected. If you continue with this filing, you will NOT be able to seal it. Contact the court regarding permission to seal.

    If you receive the above warning, you have not been given permission or access to file sealed documents on the case in question. Please contact the helpdesk or email to correct the matter.

  • Why is my PDF rejected?

    If your document is over the allowed size, it will be rejected. You will need to split your document to comply with file size requirements found at If your PDF contains any password security or embedded attachments, it will not be accepted. All PDF documents which include embedded JavaScript that use the OpenAction syntax will be rejected. Some petition preparation software contains JavaScript to perform calculations which uses OpenAction syntax. Some PDF vendors have installed tracking software so that reading, printing, and distribution of a PDF can be monitored. This also uses OpenAction syntax. If your PDF contains no password security and is still rejected, please contact your PDF software vendor or petition preparation vendor and speak with them regarding the use of JavaScript OpenAction syntax. OpenAction JavaScript commands can be also be used to install malware and viruses hidden in your PDF. This is the reason for their rejection.

  • When logging in, I received the message Warning: the account you entered is already logged in.

    You did not click 'Logout' on the top bar when you last used CM/ECF. Click the 'Continue login' button to complete the login process.