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Filing Fees and Rates

                                                                                     Schedule of Fees

The Clerk of the District Court is required to collect the following fees:

Service Fee
Commencing any civil action or proceeding other than an application for a writ of habeas corpus
        Filing fee - $350 plus $50 Administrative Fee (inapplicable to IFP)
Application for a writ of habeas corpus $5.00
Filing a Notice of Appeal in any case
        Fee includes a $5 district court fee (28 U.S.C. 1917)
Filing a Notice of Appeal to District Judge from a Judgment of Conviction
         by a Magistrate Judge in a Misdemeanor Case
Certificate of Search, per name or item $31.00
Certification of any document $11.00
Exemplification of any document $22.00
Filing miscellaneous paper (any document not related to a pending case or proceeding) $47.00
Registration of foreign judgment $47.00
Admission of Attorney to Practice (including certificate) $200.00
Duplicate attorney Certificate of Admission $20.00
Certificate of Good Standing to Practice $19.00
Admission to appear Pro Hac Vice (each case) $150.00
Paper copies made by Clerk (not including certification), per page $.50
Reproduction of audio recording of a court proceeding $31.00
Retrieval of first box of records from a Federal Records Center or National Archives. $64.00
Retrieval of additional boxes from a Federal Records Center or National Archives per box. $39.00
Electronic Record Retrieval $19.90
FRC Electronic Per Page Fee $.65
Any payment into the Court which is returned or denied for insufficient funds $53.00
Processing fee for a petty offense charged on a federal violation $30.00
Commencing a civil action under Title III of Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996 (this fee is in addition to the fee for commencing a civil action.) $6,548.00
Checks and Money orders should be made payable to:
Clerk, United States District Court
May 1, 1987,
amended effective December 18, 1996; April 1, 1997; February 1, 2001; July 1, 2001; October 1, 2002;
November 1, 2003; June 1, 2004; February 7, 2005; March 22, 2005; April 9, 2006; November 1, 2011; May 1, 2013; December 1, 2013.