Electronic Tutorials

NEW - Motions to Seal :Flash format

NEW - Attorney Case Opening :Flash format

Introduction to CM/ECF Powerpoint: EXE format / Flash format

Maintain Your Account: EXE format / Flash format

How to File a Complaint: EXE format

How To File An Answer: EXE format / Flash format

How to file a Motion for Summary Judgment: EXE format / Flash format

PACER Training site

ECF Training Packet (PDF)

Online, open-book, 20 question Policies and Procedures Quiz: EXE format / For MAC users: Flash format

At the end of the quiz you will be asked to click the 'Send Email' button to forward your results. If your email application does not populate with the information, hit your keyboard print-screen button and copy/paste the text into the body of an email and address it to njdtutorial@njd.uscourts.gov. Please do not send your registration form to this address, send to ecfreg@njd.uscourts.gov


Once we receive both a passing test score and a completed ECF Registration Form, you will receive an e-mail containing your CM/ECF login and password in approximately two weeks.

For any further inquiries with regard to the tutorials or any ECF training related questions, please contact Alain Senatus:

Alain J. Senatus
Training Specialist
Alain J. Senatus